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Checkout This Interesting Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Windows is a large world in the computer filled with so many things and tricks which not everyone knows all what is inside most especially when it comes to the latest version of windows windows 10 in which  some hidden tricks inside windows 10 a lot of people don’t know about.

Here in this post i will be showing you some hidden tricks inside windows 10 you never knew existed.
1. Secret Start Menu
If you’re a fan of that old-school (i.e. non-tiled) Start menu experience, you can still have it—sorta. If you right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, it will prompt a textual jump menu with a number of familiar popular destinations (Programs and Features, Search, Run). All these options are available through the standard menu interface, but you’ll be able to access them quicker through this textual interface.

This is the first hidden tricks inside windows 10.

2. Secret Desktop Button
This desktop button actually dates back to Windows 7, but I embarrassingly only recently found out about it. On the bottom-right corner of your page, there’s a secret desktop button. Don’t see it? Look allll the way to the bottom and right, to the side of the date and time. There you’ll find a small little sliver of an invisible button. Click that and it will minimize all your open windows to clear the desktop. You can change the behavior of this in Settings, between having to click or just having to hover the mouse over the corner.


3.Rotate Your Screen via Keyboard Ctrl-Alt-D Arrows
This tip won’t be useful to most of y’all, but you can rotate your screen by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + D and any of the arrow buttons. The down arrow will flip it upside down, the left or right arrow buttons will turn it 90 degrees on its side, and the up arrow will bring you back to standard orientation. If you use multiple displays, this feature allows you to orient just that display in a particular way.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the desktop background > Graphics Options > Rotation to turn your page around in all sorts of ways. This feature is available on Windows 7 and 10.

4. Enable Slide to Shutdown
This trick only works on Windows 10 as far as I can tell. It’s complicated and probably not worth the effort for what you get out of it, but here you go:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the ensuing pop-up window, paste the following line of code:


This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, which you can feel free to rename to whatever you’d like. To shut down via slide-down, double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade. Then use your mouse to drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind, this isn’t sleep, this is a shutdown.

5. Enable ‘God Mode
Are you a power user who wants access to your PC’s nitty gritty? Then “God mode” is for you. Here’s how to access it:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Folder. Re-name the new folder with this bit of code:


To enter the “God Mode” window, double-click the folder and go nuts.

6. Right-Click on Tiles
Want to personalize those tiles quick? Just right-click on them to prompt a pop-up menu. This menu will give you various options like the ability to un-pin from the Start menu, to resize the windows, or to turn that live tile off.

More of the hidden tricks inside windows 10 coming.

Try them out and give us a feed back if you find them useful

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